About Us

Pureness. Honest. Goodness.

Savanna Goodness is about empowering and educating consumers with the choice of Natural, Organic and Ethical products as opposed to commercial mainstream options. We source nature’s goodness from around the world and bring it to you. Many of the products we use daily are filled with parabens and synthetic ingredients, which come with long term health effect but the high-quality products we represent are packed with natural goodness instead. We work hard in providing people with pure, healthy alternatives to commercial products so that everyone can live a clean, natural life. You can trust the brands we represent, because we carefully check every product and ensure the ingredients used are of the highest quality and of natural origin. We hold to our values dearly.

Our Story

Back in 2009, when I was expecting my first child, I became very conscious of the importance of healthy living. I began to read the product labels of the skincare and baby products I was using, and I was horrified to find they were filled with nasty ingredients like synthetic preservatives and petroleum-based chemicals. I knew I couldn’t keep using these harmful products, so I started to search for healthy, natural alternatives. I quit my corporate job and devoted myself full time to the well-being of my children, learning about natural superfoods and organic products so that I could give my family the best. I discovered some wonderful products, and I became conscious of my own passion for raising awareness about the importance of pure, healthy living. Today, my mission is to find natural, organic products in undiscovered corners of the world and share them with my community. Nature is full of pure, wholesome nutrients, and I believe that this natural goodness should be available to everyone who wants to live a healthy life.

We have a strict ingredient policy so that you can shop in peace. We never offer any products that we wouldn’t happily share with our own families. Our Goodness Guarantee prohibits the use of parabens, synthetic fragrances and nasty preservatives. We only distribute organic products that meet our high standards of pureness, and you can rest assured that all our products are free of nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We source products that are farmed in a sustainable, eco-friendly way; some of them are even wild-farmed.! They’re not just good for you, they’re good for the planet too.

At Savanna Goodness, we work hard to make sure that our business is in alignment with our values. We source from community driven producers who pay farmers a fair price for their products, ensuring their well-being and their ability to support their families. By doing this, we give consumers an alternative to major brand manufacturers who monopolize the trade and supply chain with contract prices. We’re driven by our belief in the importance of the relationship between people and the planet, so we never source products that are tested on animals. We’re also committed to empowering women; by supporting businesses run by women and employing stay-at- home women as distributors for our products, we give them freedom and the ability to support themselves and their families.

Savanna Goodness believes in the natural and organic goodness from South Africa.


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